Same old issue – same old question.  Diploma or Matrikulasi.

There are always pros and cons.  But I favour Diploma over Matrikulasi and I will tell you why.  But you can disagree with me all you want.

With a Diploma, I mean MQA-accredited Diploma, in two and a half years you could already complete and get employed.  But don’t waste time.  Immediately apply to study a degree program, such as BBA part-time or BBA Executive.  I prefer a part-time modular mode with classes on alternate weekends so that you have weekends for study and family or other social activities.  And during this time you have got a salary to invest part of it in your continuous education.

Then, in six and a half years after your SPM (2 years full-time Diploma and 4 years part-time BBA) not only you have a degree but also 4 years of solid work experience.  Your part-time modular degree will help you to enhance your network with “working” students and, yes, new job opportunities with better pay.  And studying a degree with work experience would be more engaging and “make sense” than without experience.

But its your choice – its your life