Yes, I admit I was not the brightest student during my school years.  Got an offer to study TESL overseas but I was then not keen on becoming a teacher.  And I had to see almost all my classmates flew to US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand to study Medicine, Accounting, Engineering etc.

I then continued my journey with a local college to study Diploma in Accountancy.  Worked with a local accounting firm with a starting monthly salary of RM430 and then a local bank.  Got a chance to continue a Bachelor in Accountancy in USA then later Master in Management Information Systems.  Came back to Malaysia to continue working with the same bank and got an offer to lecture at a local university.  Then continued with my PhD in UK and worked there for several years after my PhD.  Now I am back in my tanah tumpah darah.

I am not claiming that I am the most successful person but just making a point that a Diploma from a local college could be a great start for a wonderful and memorable journey.  It is always up to the individual person what or, more importantly, when he or she decides to start taking control of his or her own destination.

All the best to you all kiddos!